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JJY Receivers


Address: 127.127.40.u
Reference ID: JJY
Driver ID: JJY
Serial Port: /dev/jjyu; 9600|4800(See corresponding receiver) baud, 8-bits, no parity, 1 stop bit


This driver supports the following JJY receivers sold in Japan.

JJY is the radio station which transmites the JST (Japan Standard Time) in long wave radio. The station JJY is operated by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. An operating announcement and some information are avaiable from (English and Japanese) and (English and Japanese)

The user is expected to provide a symbolic link to an available serial port device. This is typically performed by a command such as:

ln -s /dev/ttyS0 /dev/jjy0

Windows NT does not support symbolic links to device files. COMX: is the unit used by the driver, based on the refclock unit number, where unit 1 corresponds to COM1: and unit 3 corresponds to COM3:

Monitor Data

The driver writes each timecode as received to the clockstats file.

Fudge Factors

time1 time
Specifies the time offset calibration factor, in seconds and fraction, with default 0.0.
time2 time
Not used by this driver.
stratum number
Specifies the driver stratum, in decimal from 0 to 15, with default 0.
refid string
Specifies the driver reference identifier, an ASCII string from one to four characters, with default JJY.
flag1 0 | 1
Not used by this driver.
flag2 0 | 1
Not used by this driver.
flag3 0 | 1
Not used by this driver.
flag4 0 | 1
Not used by this driver.